Tuesday, April 24, 2007

BS Blaster et al

Tricia just emailed me this - a photo and description of Toast's new toy (which by now is probably at the bottom of the Potomac courtesy of Little Toast):
A Pocket Bullsh@t Alarm

Ever want to call a BS'er out on the carpet? Well now you can - with the help of the "Pocket - BS Blaster" This unique device is perfect for those "tall tales" by the water cooler, or those "creative" used car salesmen. Simply press one of six buttons - and stop those BSer's in their tracks. This little gem may be small - but it sends a "loud" message. Batteries Included!

And here are the phrases included in this little gem:
# You're so full of shit, your eyes are brown!
# (COUGH...COUGH) Bullshit!
# WARNING!...WARNING! Bullshit Alert!
# LIAR! LIAR! Pants on fire!
# Put your boots on boys the shit is getting deep in here!
# Bullshit...Bullshit .. Ba Ba Ba Ba Bullshit!

Also, in case I forgot to mention, the photos below are all courtesy of Tricia.

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Anonymous said...

ba, ba, ba bullshit!