Sunday, April 22, 2007

A Pox on the Pub

Oh Man, last week at the Pub in Harrisonburg, VA (which seems like another life time ago now), David Nelson told me that the last time they played there, he got really sick and he thought it was from the sofa in the bandroom (which was no longer there). I said what do you mean? And he replied that he got some really bad respiratory infection. Well, I am here to tell you, it was not the sofa... it is the ventilation or lack thereof. I felt it coming on for a few days but last night, it kicked in: a really, really bad upper respiratory infection. I woke up twice during the night and tried to cough but couldn't - my throat was closing over. Luckily, I had my inhaler right there by the bed and that helped. But today, no voice, sore throat, plugged up ears, runny noise, sneezing, the whole thing. Thanks, Nelson. I needed this!!!

All in all, though, I really did enjoy the Pub. Here is a photo that Tricia took from the side of the stage, you can see the little kooshball urchin light up thingie I gave Johnny hanging off of his cymbal!


Anonymous said...

How shitty when you have to pay long term for just having a good time! Out of curiosity.....what are the smoking rules back there? Hope you feel better soon. Keep that humidifier going and drink LOTS of fluids. Sheree

Mizshely said...

Well, the club itself way 'way cool but it is a smoking establishment. I felt so spoiled because the Ram's Head and the State Theatre were non smoking (or at least, well ventilated). Tricia has it too. Wonder how Davey baby is faring?