Saturday, April 21, 2007

Bill Laymon Benefit

In addition to the rat bite, Typhus, and cancer, Billy was in an automobile accident last week in which he totaled his car. Earlier reports of him flying through the windshield were wildly exaggerated but he did suffer some minor soft tissue damage. When I spoke with Bill a few days ago, he said he thought it was fate stepping in to give him a boot out of town! He really wants to return to California but right now, his health issues must be handled. The benefit for Billy is scheduled for tomorrow in Springfield, IL. Read all about it in this article. Meanwhile, here is a picture of the ailing Billy taken a few days ago (and after the accident, may I add) at the Trout Lily Cafe:


Anonymous said...

We have been feeling gut punched-sad all day after reading about the return of Billy's cancer. And now to hear that he wrecked his car..ouch. I hope he finds comfort in knowing how much we all care and want to help. BTW...we have an awesome picture of July 4, 1996 (I think it was '96) in SF of Marmaduke and Billy. I need to see if I can somehow scan it and send to you or I will snail it. I think you would like to see it. Sheree

Anonymous said...

Seems so odd to see Bill without his Bass! That is a beauty he is holding.I had to go back and read the post again. Glad the picture was taken after the accident. Man, sometimes life just ain't fair. Sheree