Tuesday, March 27, 2007

This has been the week for goodies in the mail

Yesterday when I came home from work, two packages were waiting for me - both of them from Colin Hill in the U.K. One package contained a beautiful poster that his daughter had created for the recent David Nelson and Banana gigs over there and the other package contained SEVEN (Count 'em!) CDs of shows from last year's U.K. tour, this year's tour, and rehearsals for the tours. Thank you SO MUCH, Colin, you angel, you! Great music, too. I have been playing those discs all day.

And just think, a few short days ago, I received that package from Turkey Trot Acres with ten copies of the new New Riders DVD and CD set, "Live at Turkey Trot Acres." I played the DVD and it is FANTASTIC! I highly recommend ordering your own copy ( Actually, I have shared those sets with a lot of friends. That package came the same day as the package with two additional copies of the PHANTOM OF THE OPERA DVD (Widescreen and Full Screen) because I had worn my first copy out.

If I did not have so much to do, I would be tempted to stay at home and just watch DVDs all day long, when I was not playing CDs, I mean. And I just remembered, I am supposed to email Mark Keys my snail so he can send me some CDs of DNF in Hawaii. He did give me a beautiful poster from the Hawaii shows last week when Barry, Lorin and Doug played at the Iron Springs Pub.

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Anonymous said...

I had to laugh....I received a package from the UK yesterday when I returned from the Oregon coast. It is a family (supposed heirloom)that DMIL sent to us. I KNOW I would rather have what you got from the UK! Oh well, here's to inlaws and outlaws. S