Saturday, February 17, 2007


Ok. So there we were, me and Annie, walking through the zillions of exhibits at the rare and antique book fair. Imagine our surprise when we came upon a "40th Anniversary of the Summer of Love" exhibit. Damn, that had some cool stuff, old
Oracles, etc. (no Mojo Navigators, though, so Annie and I were ahead in THAT
department) and a blurb about this year being the 40th anniversary, etc. Then we both spotted the item du jour - a "How to Be a Hippie" handbook. We both wanted it really bad and looked around to see if we could find someone to tell us if we could buy it. And it was then that I spotted him/it... a gentleman at a table about ten feet away from us, wearing one of the long sleeved New Riders shirts.

So, I decided perhaps he could help us and I said, "Hey, it's a New Riders shirt. And one of the new ones, too." To which I got a blank look and absolutely NO RESPONSE. So then I said, "Are you connected to that exhibit over there" and he said, "Well, this is all part of the San Francisco Library." End of conversation. He cut me off. What was up with THAT???

Needless to say, we got out of there pretty quick. There was some cool stuff there and my dealer's pass will get me in all weekend. Maybe I'll go back...

Those New Riders... they always get me into trouble.

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