Sunday, February 18, 2007


Many, many more to come. Have a great day! I read what you wrote on Rick's blog... I KNEW you came out to Kentfield in the spring of 1971 even though someone else told me you didn't come until the fall. After all, I was a lifelong resident of Kentfield (still live there) and The New Riders were the big deal in town. I remembered correctly! I also remember Useless and the license plate # of your Datsun - 484 ENR. Cannot remember my own, though, much to McDuke's consternation the day my car was towed in SF two years ago. He was not impressed that I remembered the license plates on your car, his little white BMW, and Nelson's car (as well as the number to the pay phone on the wall in the kitchen). Hey, some things just stick with you, ya know?

Anyway, have a GREAT, GREAT day. Today would also be my grandmother's 121st birthday. THAT is an eye-opener!

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