Saturday, December 23, 2006

General Hospital and Medical Marijuana

Score another one for the soaps. Last night, I was catching up on my soap viewing (sometimes real life just gets in the way of my fantasy world) and was watching the Friday episode of General Hospital. One of the story lines on GH involves the female district attorney's fight against adenocarcinoma (lung cancer). This character, Alexis, had never smoked, so this must be based on the story of Dana Reeve. Anyway, when she is diagnosed, Alexis' cancer is already stage 2 and she elects to have surgery followed by chemotherapy. Predictably, the chemo is wiping her out so her eldest daughter, connected to the mob via her boyfriend (Jason Morgan, a hit man for the adorable mobster Sonny Corinthos) brings her a bag of pot. There ensues a medical marijuana related dialog between mother and daughter. Now, GH is set in Port Charles, New York, so I am not sure if medical marijuana is legal there. When I felt too wiped out to watch any more, I paused the DVR and went to bed so I do not know if the always uptight Alexis will become a bit more, shall we say, open?

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cellophane flowers said...

Hi Michelle!

Loving the storyline on GH. Hoping it will open up dialogs for many others dealing with pain. Nice seeing you on Thursday.