Wednesday, November 22, 2006


Ah yes, once again it is that time of year. The air is at once damp and full of smoke from the fireplaces in nearby houses. It smells nice but gives me asthma. The leaves are falling from the next door neighbor's giant black oak tree right into my 40 ft swimming pool, giving me lord knows how many acre feet of soggy offal to skim from the pool before it clogs the filter and the skimmer (which already leaks, see my posts from August of this year). The left overs of the summer's tree assassination are still in my driveway, moist from the recent rain and starting to smell of mold. Is there a more romantic time of year?

Brian is driving up today to spend Thanksgiving with me and the long weekend with his friends (I doubt I will see him once his belly is full of turkey). In my usual manner, I completely spaced the fact that the day before a major feasting holiday is probably not the time to do grocery shopping and I left everything until, you guessed it, today. Although I am not cooking tomorrow (we are going to my godparents' home in Sunnyvale), living alone most of the time, I have no staples in the house. I need milk, bread, cereal, orange juice, etc. Oh, damnable shopping trip! I will bravely go forth and battle the crowds today on behalf of my pantry.

And lest I forget, I have a 3:00 PM (or was it 3:30?) appointment at Best Buy to have my car stereo re-installed since they screwed it up the first two times and it has worked its way out of the dashboard. Not only can I not play any CDs on it, the current condition of the thing makes my entire dashboard rattle and drives me to distraction (and I already have ADD, I am sure).

Well, the good news is, my Christmas tree is all ready to go. Since I never took it down last year, I just dusted it off with canned air and turned on the lights.

HAPPY HOLIDAYS TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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