Monday, November 27, 2006

18th Annual Mariachi USA Festival at the Hollywood Bowl

This makes me think of Marmaduke and his 50th birthday party at his dad's house in Los Altos Hills (they had a Mexican theme with a full mariachi band - very cool):

Hollywood Bowl (Hollywood, CA)

Full Price: $25.00 Our Price: $12.50

The 18th Annual Mariachi USA Festival comes to the Hollywood Bowl. It's five nonstop hours of the world's finest Mariachi music with beautiful folkloric ballet and a fabulous Mariachi symphony finale with spectacular fireworks. Available early so that members can buy tickets as holiday gifts.


Anonymous said...

Hi Mizshely......I loved my trips to Mexico back in the day. Especially when the mariachi bands would sing La Chucaracha (sp). I have a little silly something that I want to send you. Can you email me your snail. It is COLD in Portland.Be sure to bring warm clothes if you come. Have a great time tonight and all the others coming up. Take lots of pictures and then post them. Please....seeing the pictures is so much fun. I like your new site with all those oldies. Man, that was where I wanted to be. Thank God for all the wonderful LPs and good friends in eastern Oregon. Sheree P.S. I always feel like I'm emailing the Queen with all this verification I have to go through! LOL

Mizshely said...

Hi Sheree,

Well, the verification thing protects your email address and mine from trawling spammers, which is why I use it. As for the Queen, hardly! Tee hee, I wish...

I did not take any pictures last night but Bob Minkin and Suzanna Melman did so I am sure we will see them on the net very soon.

The show last night was great - the band was really "on" and they introduced a new song, one written by Ronnie Penque, called "Olivia Rose." I quite liked that song and Ronnie does an excellent job with the vocals. ScareKrow, always my favorite, was valiant in holding a mike while Johnny Markowski sang one of his songs into it (apparently, something happened to the base and it would not stay put). Lots of equipment malfunctions but frames of mind and moods were good which really helped.

The club was crowded but not uncomfortably so. Because it was an "event" and not a NRPS show, the crowd was a little subdued, but they seemed to appreciate the New Riders any way. I think the band garnered a lot of new fans.

As for Eastern Oregon friends... eastern as in PENDLETON? That's where the much ballyhooed (by me, anyway) Bruce Hendricks and Robbie Cook are from and currently reside. Also the late Rex Jackson (well he was actually outside of Hermiston but close enough). Ah, the Pendleton Road Krew... those were the days!