Monday, October 16, 2006


Whoa! General Hospital is pulling out all the stops this week and are bringing back Genie Francis as Laura. I was really pissed off when they wrote her out a few years back (presumably because she had gained weight). Anyway, I have always loved Anthony Geary (he has that look that always attracted me and he still has it as an older person, and here are a couple of pictures from long ago to prove it - my son was about 2 years old when these were taken so it had to be 1983. Anyway, my friend Christine Leone and I dragged the baby with us down to Macoise (that's Macy's with a cedille except I have forgotten the key strokes for typing en francais (another missing cedille). We stood in a long line to meet Mr. Geary until my cousin, who happened to the store manager (which I had forgotten) walked by and bumped us up front.
A big highlight of the year, I can tell you. What a nice man. I've been watching GH since 1967 just proving, once I am a fan, I'm a lifer.

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