Saturday, August 05, 2006

Wolfgang's Vault

Look what I pirated from that site! Probably my favorite picture of one of the cutest guys on the planet!

Anyone who has not yet seen this should check it out:

Wolfgang's Vault

Lots of great stuff from Bill Graham's archives.

Also, according to Wolfgang's website, the NRPS bio goes thusly (not quite accurate, Phil dropped out first after only a couple of gigs, Mickey quit next, and Jerry stayed on for about a year after Mickey quit although all three were involved in the production of the first NRPS album in one way or another). I agree with the cutoff date, though, being 1982 but I think they should revamp the bio to incude the REFORMATION of 2005.

"The New Riders of the Purple Sage
The New Riders of the Purple Sage was a Bay Area outfit conceived in 1969 as a way for Jerry Garcia and company to rock their country roots. Teaming up with other Dead members, bassist Phil Lesh and drummer Mickey Hart, the New Riders joined forces with guitarist David Nelson and rhythm guitarist and vocalist John Dawson to navigate the psychedelic circuit and bring country-rock to their fan base. The Rider's self-titled first album sold well and established the group as a credible off-shoot of the quintessential acid-rockers, the Grateful Dead. While most of their recognition was, arguably, as a result of their Dead affiliation, when Jerry, Phil and Mickey dropped out as full time members before the release of the band's second album, Powerglide, the remaining Riders were ready and able to hold their own. Switching labels from Columbia to MCA at the end of the 70's disrupted their flow, and the band underwent some more changes in their lineup while struggling to stay fresh in the face of an evolving music industry. General disinterest in the country-rock sound at the time ultimately led to the Rider's calling it quits, and they disbanded in 1982."

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