Monday, July 17, 2006

"Love, Janis"

Got up at the crack of dawn to see the reviews from the press opening but so far, no reviews. I saw the show in preview on Friday night and really enjoyed it.

Here is the email I sent Sam after I saw the show (before I knew the reason Wendy and I did not run into him was that Big Brother was in Michigan that night - guess I could have looked at the schedule):

Well Mr. Andrew, you have a hit on your hands. I saw the show last night and I loved it, as did the whole audience.I have only one real issue - the smoke and incense, which really bothered my sinuses and if I go see it again, I will sit farther back (we were in the 4th row of the orchestra, dead center, which were great seats). It did lend an air of authenticity to the story, though. I loved Bill Ham's lights!

I thought Katrina did a very good job singing as Janis but only came alive as Janis, really, during "Little Girl Blue." I thought she nailed the emotions in that song exactly as Janis did. As for the band, they were great and it was such a trip to see that lead guitarist look so much like you 40 years ago (well, the hair and the stance, anyway - he is not nearly as handsome as you). I did think the band was a bit more theatrical on stage than I remember Big Brother being (OK, a lot more theatrical - I cannot recall ever seeing either you or James Gurley doing any Jimi Hendrix style antics but again, I understand the need for the theatrics in this case). The actress who played speaking Janis was terrific, she totally got the attitude and vulnerability.

I was bummed that we didn't get to see you, I looked! Maybe next time (I will be back, as I said before, as will Wendy).

All the best. Love,


P.S. Wendy and I stopped by the merch table on the way out and I can only imagine Janis looking down on THAT and laughing and thinking "work it, guys!"

By the way, my mood was a little spoiled when I spoke with Karen on Saturday morning and learned she and Peter had been burglarized on Wednesday afternoon. Glad they are OK and that in the scheme of things, it could have been much, much worse (looks as if it was a couple of kids). A pox on you thieves and all of your progeny.

Pre-Opening interview with Sam Andrew and article about the show from the Marin Independent Journal

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