Monday, August 21, 2006

Love, Janis - Take 3

Really. I went to see the show again Saturday night - this makes three times thus far. Katrina Chester was playing singing Janis this time (as she was the first time I saw the show). I think Cathy Richardson may be a better singer (and sound a little more like Janis) but this confirmed that the energy Katrina puts out is much more true to the spirit of the late Ms. Joplin. Katrina was great, as was the show. But either they subbed in a lead guitarist or Joel Hoekstra replaced his Sam Andrew in the 60s' mutton chop sideburns and shoulder length hair for a barefaced, permed head look with a David Nelson style headband (or as my friend Lyn would say, rag around head). I could not decide which. The guitarist was definitely good, though. My sister, up from Los Angeles, came with me and she really enjoyed the show as well. We were able to score same day purchased, half price tickets from the box office in Union Square where you can go after 11 AM the day of the show - it's great!

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