Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Lyn just called me from the theatre in Sacramento... we knew Rommy Sandhu was in the cast for "Bombay Dreams" (which is really exciting because when Rommy started to write to me in 1996, it was just ahead of his leaving the cast of CAROUSEL and we never got to actually meet him although we did see him perform in San Francisco. He was a major babe back then, and I assume he still is). Anyway, not only is Rommy involved with the show, our favorite bass player in the entire world is in the pit... yes!!! "THE RANDALL" KLITZ is resurrected from the bowels of obscurity where he presumably has languished since we last saw him in BEST LITTLE WHOREHOUSE IN TEXAS a few years back. Randall and his instrument, oh my.... hot flashes abound!!!! And Lyn reports that two additional ol' buddies are also involved with the show... William Galinsky, who played Captain Orton in THE KING AND I (with Hayley Mills, yep, we did THAT tour, too - and of course, THE RANDALL in the pit once again) and finally, John W. Calder III, stage manager extradordinaire of that CAROUSEL tour. Man, I wish I was there!!!!
One funny note, I just ran spell check and it caught Rommy as "Romeo." He'd like that, I am sure!!!!

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