Sunday, May 21, 2006


Well, I couldn't stand it - so near, The Randall yet so far away, The Randall. So we drove up to Sacramento yesterday to see BOMBAY DREAMS, Lyn for the 2nd time and myself for the first time. Our seats were great - 2nd row orchestra with plenty of leg room (as opposed to San Francisco theatres where you feel as if you are in United coach). Only bummer was that we were sitting on the right and the Randall was in his usual place on the left. But we stayed standing for awhile and were eventually rewarded with a wave from the pit (after the drummer, who apparently had seen us in another production, pointed us out). Ah, Randall Klitz...

Never saw William Galinsky at all but then, stage managers rarely come on stage during the action or out in the audience to say hello. Ditto for John W. Calder III, although we did spot him during intermission. Never saw him come out the stage door, though.

As for Rommy Sandhu, he' still looking as fine as when he sang "Blow High, Blow Low" with Brett Rickaby and Patrick Wilson all those years ago. Worth the trip.

As for the show itself, I quite enjoyed it. In addition to being a total take on the Ballywood films, which I knew it would be, it was beautifully staged and costumed. I really liked the two drummers, one on each side of the stage but up high on scaffolding as they did with Riverdance and the Lion King. Only one of the drummers played a semi traditional kit and the other was playing tablas and other Indian rhythm instruments. At the end of intermission, the two drummers enticed people back to their seats with a drum duet reminiscent of Bill Kreutzman and Mickey Hart. Oh, I guess there were actually three drummers... the one I mentioned at the beginning of this review played an electronic drum pad. I think the only other time I can remember three drummers at once was a DNB show in Novato that had Arthur Steinhorn, Greg Anton and Charlie Crane. I think they played all at once at one point, I know they rotated during the show. But I digress. Bombay Dreams. Rommy Sandhu (gorgeous), Randall Klitz (wonderful) and the show itself - all worth seeing.

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