Thursday, August 04, 2005

NRPS at Rancho Nicasio - NOT!

Despite repeated requests from John Dawson, these people continue to use the NRPS name and to perform under it a few times a year. Their rationale? Some of them played in the latter day configuration of the New Riders. But not one of them wrote any of the music with which NRPS is identified (that would be John Dawson) and not one of them performed or recorded with the band in its heyday. In spite of this, they book themselves into Rancho Nicasio a few times a year with the pseudo altruistic goal of "keeping the songs alive." Not only that, they frequently promote themselves using a really old photo that features John prominently, which is misleading to the public. This is not just my opinion, Marmaduke and his family have expressed this to me many times.

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