Friday, April 15, 2005

Marmaduke Tonight!!! A Head's Up For Fans...

Tonight at the Mountain House in Woodside, California - Michael Tobin. And in the audience will be... JOHN "Mamaduke" DAWSON.


mia said...

give um good hug, La Miz :) MIA

Mizshely said...

be assured, Mia, I gave him LOTS of hugs. He was so adorable and sweet and actually got up and sang "Glendale Train" with Michael, in addition to singing along with several other songs in a rather lusty voice. I am so glad I was there!

mia said...
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Mizshely said...

Mia, I see no blog reference at all. Sorry, I'm DYING to read what you have to say! You go, girl!

mia said...

is search avail.
try this:

Drawers of Odd Socks

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goatta new story outlined only

Mizshely said...

Ms. Mia, I am hopeless. I could not find your blog at all. I did, however, find one reference to a post you made on the Nelson site using that maroomagoo moniker. Parallel trains and all.