Saturday, April 09, 2005

Happy Birthday, Greta Garbo

Can you believe it? Today is Great Garbo's 100th birthday. More accurately, I guess, the 100th anniversary of her birth since she is no longer with us.

Most of what I know about Ms. Garbo was gleaned from Saturday morning cartoons when I was growing up. Some of the 'toons featured caricatures of many stars but all I can remember are the 'toons of Eddie Cantor with his bulging eyes and Greta Garbo mouthing "I want to be alone."

I saw Ms. Garbo once, in a deli in New York when I was staying on Central Park South (not a bad address at all!). Apparently, she went in this one deli on a regular basis and I just happened to be in there. I wouldn't have known it was her - she was wearing a headscarf and dark glasses and anyway, I generally live in a state of suspended animation where my surroundings don't seem to register (if they did, I would live in a cleaner house). Anyway, after she left, the clerk told me who she was. I remember thinking, how classy, she just does her thing and truly expects to be left alone. I saw Ann Miller once at the Sheraton Universal gift store and boy, did she EXPECT to be catered to. Now SHE looked like a living caricature at the time (although I know she is now among the deceased) - all decked out and painted up!

Anyway, back to Garbo. I doubt she is alone now but it may not bother her in the least!!!

happy birthday, GG!!!

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