Friday, April 08, 2005

David Nelson with Michael Hunt Last Night

Just a quick note here (well, as quick as my long-winded notes can be). David played three sets with Michael Hunt last night at the Farmer's Market. All the musicians in the band should be given high marks for playing all night in the freezing cold (remember, they actually need their ungloved hands to play their instruments). I think for David's birthday (June 12) someone should give him a pair of Michael-Jackson-in-the-eighties style fingerless gloves for just such an occasion. And David DID WEAR his black cowboy hat (thank you ver much, David). David sang several songs, most notably "Ripple" and "The Road Is Rocky." Michael did a great job on a few Jimmy Buffet tunes and the old Don Gibson standard, "Oh, Lonesome Me." Some of the members of the band will be playing on Saturday afternoon, April 9, at the Silver Peso Saloon in Larkspur, California. I don't know whether or not David will be there.

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