Friday, April 01, 2005

Does the U,.S. Government Really think we are all THAT stupid?

According to this morning's L.A. Times, the U.S. government's search for weapons of mass destruction (code name: invisible cloth!) was predicated solely on an unsubstantiated claim from an Iraqi defector:

"Despite persistent doubts about his credibility, Curveball's claims were included in the Bush administration's case for war without so much as a caveat. And when CIA analysts argued after the war that the agency needed to admit it had been duped, they were forced out of their jobs."

Now, I have to ask, are we collectively dumb enough to believe that a declaration of war, causing the loss of thousands of lives, was made without clarifying this? Oh come on, I wouldn't leave my doggie at a boarding kennel without getting at least three references!

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