Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oops, They Did It Again

Because residents of Marin County CONSERVED TOO MUCH WATER DURING A DROUGHT (you heard me correctly, CONSERVED during a DROUGHT), the Marin Municipal Water District has raised their rates 9.8% when they had planned (and said so) to reward us for conserving by CUTTING the rates by 5%. I would say this leaves us, the paying customers, with net increase of 14.8% over the rates we EXPECTED to pay when you account for the 5% decrease. Not only that, two of the members of the board were not even at the meeting, preferring, instead, to plead a business trip and illness as their cowardly way of refusing to face the angry residents of Marin.

Read all about it in the Marin Independent Journal

Am I on glue or what? As a person who lives by herself, I don't use much water and have been conserving faithfully since the drought of 1976 - another time we were penalized for conserving by having our rates jacked. Geez. PG&E raised rates, MMWD raised rates, the grocery store is no bargain these days but hell, Obama and his entitled minions decided we poor slobs on Social Security did not merit a rate increase (which is usually only 1% anyway, hardly keeping up) because their contorted cost of living index erroneously and fraudulently reported no rise in the CPI during the time period on which they based their calculations. If I am going to be fucked, I would prefer it to be by Johnny Depp, thank you ever so.

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