Thursday, August 20, 2009


Just got a call from UCSF confirming my MRI appointment for Monday, August 24, at 8:30 AM. They wanted to make sure I was sufficiently pre-medicated and I said, "I will be. I have plenty of Ativan." "No, it's not the anxiety that concerns us. it is your anaphylactic response to contrast dye." "Yes, and that is why WE DO NOT DO THAT. EVER. BEEN THERE, DONE THAT, CODE BLUE TWICE. NO THREE-PEAT, THANK YOU VERY MUCH." "Uh, uh..." "NOT HAPPENING. See you Monday."

Why do I go through this EVERY FRIGGIN' TIME??

Geez, if I could tolerate the dye, I would, especially since I have been suffering so much with this damn sinus infection and pray to God that is all it is...


DebGrabien said...

They are stupid as mud. Seriously. Look, jinglebrains, there is NO PREMEDICATION POSSIBLE for anaphylaxis. I ought to know - was born with plenty of the damned allergies, thank you, mama with messed-up autoimmune system. "Sorry, peeps -you can. not. use. dye. Deal with it. Take a pill and chill. Not happening."


Mizshely said...

And yet, I got an insurance statement the other day with a line item of a $600+ charge for Gad Contrast. Which they PAID. I called insurance company immediately and said you should not have paid that, I did not receive it, explained about allergies, etc. They told me to call the provider, which I did. Amazingly enough, provider called me back and said "Whoops. We bad. We rebill." It's so hard being brilliant as well as beautiful (and modest)... Tee HEE.