Wednesday, July 15, 2009

What IS It About Fast Food Restaurants

Or the way I speak... or something. No matter what I order, I get something else entirely!

Thirty odd years ago, my friend Edith and I were driving through a place called Tijuana Taco in San Rafael (Oh I wanna, gee I wanna Tijuana Taco...). I asked for a taco and an orange soda and was told "We don't have any orange soda tonight." Smart ass that I have always been, I said "Them's the breaks..." We pulled up to the window and I was handed my taco and a GRAPE soda...for months afterward, Edith and I would say "Them's the grapes" when expressing sympathy to someone who had just had a bad experience. Now, fast forward thirty-odd years to this evening...

All of a sudden, I got a craving for a Big Mac. Usually I do not eat this stuff but I really wanted one tonight and besides, I thought maybe I could swallow it because they are usually so full of fat and juice. I ordered a Big Mac and a sprite. "Don't you want a value meal?" "Really not, just the burger and drink. Pulled up to the window thinking "That's strange that he didn't ask what size sprite." I paid and opened the bag to find a large order of French Fries, the Big Mac and no drink. I said, "Where's my sprite?" "You didn't order sprite." "Yes I did. What I did NOT order is French Fries, I cannot swallow them." Trade made and I left.

Moral of story? I should stay away from drive through restaurants if not all fast food.

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