Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Meanwhile, Back In North Beachia

After my medical appointment yesterday, Bethy, Deb and I decided to grab a bite to eat in North Beach (is there anywhere else to go when in San Francisco). The decision was made, unanimously, to go for soup at E Tutto Qua. We walked in and had our pick of seating because it was between the lunch and dinner hours. Sat in my usual spot where I could look at the windows of City Lights and whoa, the signs are back, in EVERY window! Yes, the Keep Abortion Legal sign was still up but there were a great many new signs as well, including one which simply read, "Throw The Bums Out" and another which mentioned the need to revise laws regarding regulating corporations. It makes me feel so good to see those signs!

After dinner, we went in to City Lights where we can into Jack Hirschman. He mentioned tonight's event at SPECS and I told him that I would try to be there. Jack also mentioned Sunday's memorial for Tony Vaughn at Live Worms and said we missed a great reading, that everyone read poems in honor of Tony. I wish I had felt well enough to attend that. Well, I am going to see Jack tonight. I hate it when I miss anything!

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DebGrabien said...

Also "get rid of the electoral college, we want the popular vote" and "US out of Iraq NOW".

I wish I had a higher opinion of most of the electorate right now. And I think that second sign should include US out of Afghanistan, too...