Tuesday, September 02, 2008

It's Official...

the United States of America has gone collectively insane.

Not only has the Democratic Party completely lost all credibility by nominating a candidate with no experience as an executive, the candidate himself has no credibility as a legislator. Read his voting record and get back to me on that one, will you? How many times has Mr. Obama been "present" for critical votes yet abstained from voting? Oh, I would say about ninety times. And those times when he did bother to vote, he waited until the last minute to make sure the wind was blowing in the correct direction toward his electorate. Good God, I will never vote for that man. To those of you who say a non vote for Obama is a vote for McCain, I say "hogwash." It is simply a non vote because I have no confidence in the man.

As for McCain, he has not earned my vote either. Nor is he likely to do so. His choice of Sarah Palin for Vice Presidential nominee is simply disturbing and speaks to the idea that the man seriously needs psychotherapy. Mrs. Palin has every right to her beliefs and opinions. What she does not and should not have is the right to impose those beliefs and opinions on the rest of the world. Her views on abortion are just plain terrifying and her ability as a parent is seriously in question. I mean, her seventeen year old daughter should never have been put in the position of bringing a child into the world at this point in her life. Parental education, responsibility and birth control play into the equation here far more than the possibility of terminating a pregnancy.

And now we go to that word: NU-CU-LER. Ms. Palin actually pronounced it that way during the speech she gave after she was introduced by McCain. Do all Republicans go to the same school of ignorance and mispronunciation or, even more diabolical, is this a ploy by the GOP to make themselves sound folksy and remove the terror invoked when people hear the word, nuclear, correctly pronounced? You have to wonder.

In any case, neither party has offered me anything worth voting for. Obama wants to escalate Afghanistan, McCain says we could (not we will as the democrats would spin it) stay in Iraq for 100 years. No no no to all.


Anonymous said...

maybe the only thing to do at this point is write in NELSON - Willie and David!
being a tiny bit more serious, they dont make it easy that is for sure. it's no wonder that folks just don't care about voting.the lesser or two evils really.


Mizshely said...

I do not know if voting for Obama would be the lesser of two evils, he has no track record going backwards so we would have to rely on his word going forwards and that is scary enough since he went back on his word to the good people of Illinois by not voting. No matter how you slice it, that comes up no representation. And a non vote for Obama is also a non vote for McCain. Writing in Nelson - Willie and/or David - would make a statement but I am not sure what it would speak to! Buying land in Costa Rica is looking mighty good right now...

Anonymous said...

I think the best bet is go with the new and hope for the best. when the new becomes the same old, then, yeah, head to costa rica. I'm game for costa rica as long as both Nelsons head there also.

DebGrabien said...

As you know, you and are share an exact opinion of both candidates.

And this morning's comment by Biden - "some of the media coverage of Sarah Palin has been sexist" - left me wanting to kick him. Where the hell was he, or Obama, or any of the party elders, when the press was crapping all over Hillary Clinton for daring to have an opinion and a vagina at the same time?

Absent, that's where.

I am so not voting for any of these people. I'll vote on the issues, but none of these people have earned my vote.