Thursday, September 04, 2008

From David Getz (Big Brother and the Holding Company)

I absolutely love Dave and Joan Getz so I will probably go to the No Name on September 13 (I am spoken for on the 11th and 12th).

Dear Friends and music lovers,

I would like to invite you to these upcoming shows.

Come and hear something different

The Dave Getz Breakaway:

Music that's simple and complex at the same time
Music that has both rhythmic and melodic (and literary) content
Music that absorbs Jazz, Rock, Latin, African, Eastern European and Whatever..
and emerges with it's own sound

19 Broadway in Fairfax
Thursday, Sept 11 2008...........9pm-12


No Name Bar
Bridgeway, downtown Sausalito
Saturday Sept 13, 2008...................8-12pm

featuring: Tom Finch, guitar; Rob Fordyce, 6 string bass, Peter Penhallow, keyboards&piano; Dave Getz, drums and Balaphon with guest vocalists Lynn Asher and Joan Getz.

Some comments about my music from myspace:

"Seriously, I REALLY like your music!!! Nice, classy, intelligent ..verygood, Dave. I'll have to buy the CD when it's released unless, of course, you comp me a copy."

I like your solo music; it's really trancendental and cerebral, really psychedelic too in a unique way."

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