Friday, July 25, 2008

More from Pe-ta-loonyville

Some new faces and some familiar ones

Above are the set lists from last night - they may not be exact because changes were made after they were posted. I scratched off the songs I knew were scrubbed but I may not have correctly added to the order. Progress, not perfection, right? Right!


garyfish said...

Here's the Mystic NRPS setlist, as posted by Budboy over on in the "Show Reviews" folder. SMOKIN' show from start to finish!!

07/24/08 (Thu) Mystic Theater - Petaluma, CA
Set 1: Absolutely Sweet Marie, Lonesome L.A. Cowboy, I Don't Know You, Whiskey, Deep Elem Blues ^*%,Olivia Rose, Truck Drivin' Man #, Where I Come From, Sutter's Mill, Garden Of Eden > The Last Time > Garden Of Eden $,

Set 2: Ghost Train Blues, One Too Many Stories, Sliding Delta #, Higher #, Blues Barrel #, Rockin' With Nona, Peggy-O $, Down The Middle $, Take A Letter Maria #$

Comment: ^w/Pete Sears, *w/ Jack Cassady, %w/ GE Smith, $w/Barry Sless, #w/Mark Karan

Lineup: David Nelson- Guitar~Vocals, Buddy Cage- Pedal Steel, Michael Falzarano- Guitar~Vocals , Johnny Markowski- Drums~Vocals, Ronnie Penque- Bass~Vocals

steve said...

thanks for the Great pics and the setlist Michelle! if you caught my post on David's board you know my daughter and her family made the trip out here. we are having a great time but we missed the shows on Wednesday and Thursday and not sure when we will see the boys next, grrrrrrr.

What song did they play just for you on Wednesday? is there anyone out there who recorded either of these shows?

on another note, how are you feeling?

Mizshely said...

Hi Garyfish,

Thanks for the correct setlist. Yes, the show was smokin' and I had a wonderful time.

Hi Steve!

I am sorry you did not make it to see NRPS last week but I am sure you had fun with your family.

NRPS played "Glendale Train" for me on Wednesday night. A very unusual encore that started out with "Friend of the Devil" and segued into "Glendale Train."

Both shows were recorded by a lot of tapers and Johnny Markowksi's friends also recorded Petaluma in Hi Def. Not sure what will be done with those! Also, soundboards of some shows are available at the merch table at subsequent shows, so check the next time you see the band (or email ToasTy or SkareCrow).

Re: my health. It is improving every day! Thanks for asking!