Sunday, June 29, 2008

Yesterday and Today

Well no, I did not go to Pat Campbell's Yard Jam 2008 yesterday, I was still recovering from Thursday in Fairfax (damn it all anyway) (now I sound like Danbel). When I talked to Pat on Friday, he told me that David Nelson, Maria Muldaur and Banana Levenger were among those confirmed to attend and perform. Again, damn... I wanted to be there but I knew being outside in the smoke would not be good for me and going anywhere, period, is not the brightest idea I ever had. I will post pictures when Pat sends them.

As for today's party at 2B1, I am going to miss that, too. Happy 60th birthday, Boots Hughston (and twin whose name always evades me, I think Lance?) and best wishes for a speedy recovery to Kurt Kangas (the party is also a benefit to help with Kurt's medical bills). Again, Maria is scheduled to perform along with David and Linda LaFlamme (two of my favorites) and a bezillion others. If you are in the bay area and you see this in time, you should head over. 3775 17th St off of Folsom. Starts late afternoonish.

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