Saturday, June 14, 2008

Return of the Native

All apologies to Thomas Hardy (although when I was young, I always did fancy myself Eustacia Vye, walking the misty moors under a moonless sky in a long cape)...

Today marks the third week of me on bed rest - one week in the hospital and now two weeks at home. I am about 40% of normal now (and that is a ten thousand % improvement over my condition on May 24). Anyway, I was diagnosed with pancreatitis which was caused by gallbladder disease. More information than most of you want, I am sure. Let me just say right now, it was no fun (not even when they gave me the good drugs). I was sent home to recuperate and get well enough for surgery (I see the surgeon on June 20) but these past two weeks have been rough - I could not even get out of bed until Thursday, really, when I had to go to the doctor, and that little excursion wore me out. But the good Dr. Kao (a saint, I say) changed my medication and within a few hours, I was actually feeling a bit better. And today, I was well enough to watch TV (and no, I was not lying in bed watching TV and reading this whole time, more like staring at the ceiling fan as it went round and round and round and knowing at any time, I was going to lose my mind).

I am so blessed to have so many good friends who have driven me to the doctor, picked up some groceries, come by the house to help me, whatever. I love you all and I know I can never repay your kindness in full but I will try and I will never forget your generosity.

And now, back to TV. So I finally put on my DVR and caught up on All My Children and One Life to Live. Good Lord, turn the tube off for a few days and everything changes! One Life killed off one of my favorite characters, vintner Nash Brennan. I cannot believe they did that - he was so gorgeous to look at! And now they are bringing back the original Tina and the original Marti Saybrooke while letting Adrianna Cramer Bolsom go back to Paris for an indefinite period of time. I love Adrianna and think she should stay in Llanview with her new husband, Rex, and stand up and fight that simpering bitch Gigi (whom I loathe and despise and wish she would disappear from the cast).

As for AMC, well, I spent today bawling my eyes out as Tad and Dixie said goodbye to each other yet again... Dixie went back to Heaven after making sure that Tad found his (and her) long lost missing 6 year old daughter. I love Tad and Dixie and I cried for an hour... must be the meds???

Sorry this post is not more exciting but right now, I have no life.

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Anonymous said...

Omigosh, I had pancreatitis about 4 years ago and gall stones. I've never been so sick and in so much pain in my life. I was in the hospital for a week and very weak/wobbly for a few weeks after. I had my gallbladder removed a couple of months later.

I'm glad you're feeling better. I can totally relate!