Saturday, June 28, 2008

DNQ at Iron Springs

I really was not going to go to this show, I did not feel at all like going out, but I kept getting phone calls from people asking if I was coming, telling me to come, offering me rides, etc., so I finally decided to make an effort. Lee Lammert came and picked me up and Pat Campbell had saved me a seat, front table, center, next to photographer Bob Minkin and across from Marc and Audrey Blaker and Jeannette Sears. I had a wonderful time visiting with all the Nelson fans and family and listening to the music, which was all the more special with Mookie there! And here is the set list:

Set 1
Rocky Road Blues
Give Me Love
High Time
Fable Of A Chosen One
Red Crow **
Down The Middle *
Where I Come From *
Attics Of My Life
Cumberland Blues
Set 2
Any Naked Eye
Sitting In Limbo
Rockin' With Nona *
Lazy River Road *
The Wheel > Different World > Earl's Girls
E - Box Of Rain

* New Hunter/Nelson songs
** New Pete Sears song

I am sure Bob will be posting pictures from the show very soon, and you can check his website: Bob Minkin

Thanks David, Mookie, Barry and Pete, do it again real soon, OK? And Maltman, too.


steve said...

it's good to hear that you went to this show. thanks for sharing the setlist, it was in Fairfax, right Michelle?

you continue to be in my thoughts and prayers

Mizshely said...

Hi Steve,

Yes, this show was in Fairfax at the Iron Springs Pub. I did stay too long (not wanting to miss anything) and paid for it dearly when I got home and for the next two days, which is why I did not go to Pat Campbell's Yard Jam yesterday, even though David was supposed to play (along with Banana and Maria Muldaur, among others). Thanks for the thoughts and prayers!