Monday, May 12, 2008


I just received a spammish email stating "You could meet Bobby Labonte" and I thought to myself, "whoever that is..." Out of curiosity, I clicked on the email and it took me to a site for a race car driver (Labonte). What-ever. In the usual way my mind surfs off in another direction with no provocation, I started think about NASCAR racing and gasoline. Here we are, paying record highs at the pump, just to get to work or the doctor or whatever (forget vacations) and yet these buffoons are wasting precious energy to drive around in circles so a bunch of mindless idiots can cheer each time they complete a lap (and a few gallons of gas). I know NASCAR is big business but I cannot figure out why. It is wasteful, mindless and stupid.

I wonder if anyone has actually run numbers for NASCAR profits (including marketing and licensing revenue, of course) up against the cost of fuel burned at these events. Hell, forget the COST of the fuel, run the merch numbers against the GALLONS of gas wasted. Are global warming and planet-wide energy shortages good enough reasons to stop this silly waste of time? Probably not. The least NASCAR could do is require all race cars to run on ethanol or some other alternative.

If I have offended any racing fans out there, well, it was purely intentional.

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