Sunday, May 18, 2008

Marmaduke's Marauders

Someone in Portsmouth, Virginia (where I know not a soul), via Cox Communications, keeps googling "Marmaduke's Marauders" and landing here on my blog. Come on now, if you want to know something, just ask. I was, after all, chief instigator in that exclusive club. If you just google that name so you land on my blog (to see what is new and exciting with me), here's a tip: bookmarks are your friend.

And why am I still here, contributing to the blogosphere instead of hanging at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in anticipation of attending the finale of Dancing With the Stars? Good question and here is the answer: Bethy and I did not go. She was not feeling well today and we could not get hold of TPTB at ABC to see if we could check in tomorrow or if I could go on alone or whatever, so we canceled. I guess ABC will figure it out when we do not show up! Too bad, though, the hotel sounded wonderful. Can you tell we are both heartbroken over missing this trip? I would have enjoyed shopping but hey, another time... and this leaves me free to... Mr. Nelson crazy on Wednesday night! Hey, maybe I should come in disguise and give him an actual reason to not recognize me.


Meanwhile, back to the person who keeps googling the Marauders -- email me with any questions you may have. If you are looking for the lyrics to the song, you will have to ask Nelson, though.


Anonymous said...

As another original and, I hope, member in good standnig of that exclusive club (of 4), I too would love to know why somebody is googling it possible that there is a set of imposters???????? Oh, the thought!


love ya girlfriend! Patti

Mizshely said...

I am less of the opinion that there are imposters out there than perhaps someone cannot think fast enough to type in my URL or to use bookmarks or favorites to find my blog so they google the marauders and are directed to me every time (well, where else would they go). Very weird. Very suspicious. But I think I may know who this is and it is someone very connected... silly boy!

See ya around the net, Miss Patti!
I keep reminding people that I was not the first Nelson fan, you were, and that I am just the most long suffering. Falls on blind ears, though.

steve said...

strange as it may seem I'm in Portsmouth, VA.........but I don't remember googling "Marmaduke's Marauders" until today. yes I do have your site bookmarked and read it as much as I can.

usually my comments are about something silly or a comment to you.


Mizshely said...

But Steve, do you access the internet via Cox Communications? I have a sneaking suspicion as to the identity of this person and it is not you (and I meant no offense to anyone). My point, in general, was how would anyone know about the Marauders unless they were there or had been to my blog before. Oh boy... I guess I can now sit back and see what happens!