Saturday, April 12, 2008


like the corners of my mind...


OK, last night while talking to Darlene di Domenico on the phone (we talk several times a week and usually on Fridays, it's a marathon), I started going through one of those old photo albums. You know the ones - self stick pages covered by clear plastic. A few years back, I tried to peel off some of the pictures but they were there on a seemingly permanent basis. Anyway, last night, I tried to peel again and this time, I was successful.

I now offer up some of my newly rediscovered treasures. First up, the bumper sticker I peeled off of the New Riders' equipment truck (as opposed to the VAN) in 1975. I am thinking I might put it in to the mail to Robbie Cook with a note, "Remember this?" It's funky but I think the thing might blow his mind, coming out of left field (in this case, Kentfield) and going to right field (in this case, Pendleton, Oregon).

Next up, we have the return of the Good Ol' Grateful Dead. In this week's newsletter from the Dead, they are offering up some new merchandise containing the old logo, one which was near and dear to my heart. It was a circle with an outer border of red stars, an inner field of blue upon which was written in white letters, "Good Ol' Grateful Dead." This was long before the skull and roses or lightning bolt logos and far, far hipper, in my opinion. Anyway, I found one of those stickers in the aforementioned album, although it was peeled off of my car after the red stars had faded away. But here it is, the one, the only, the original, in less than pristine condition, sticker (given to me by Rex Jackson) (do you sense a pattern with the road crew here? Back then, we called them Quippies):

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