Thursday, April 03, 2008

Ferlinghetti has flipped his sh*t

yes, he has....

This link came in from City Lights:

I cannot believe this, I actually went to website and voted to waterboard the Iraqi (well come on, what did the dog ever do to anybody?)

And I posted this to the chat area:

This poll is dumber than the one I put on my blog about what do you want to see on David Nelson's head: hat or headband. Sick, twisted and so not funny. Shame on City Lights for forwarding this stuff.

At least my poll was funny ha ha instead of funny sick and twisted. As usual, I probably completely misunderstood the message and will have no idea what this is truly about until and unless I read the book which I now will have to do but good God I will not buy the thing, I will have to get it from the Library...

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