Thursday, March 13, 2008

More weird stuff

I just turned on tonight's episode of LOST (which I do not usually watch) and there was a Carousel connection that was coupled with a San Francisco music scene connection. I actually think someone mentioned this to me before but my head wasn't working: Fisher Stevens (Jigger Craigin on Broadway in the RNT revival of Carousel, the role that made Brett Rickaby a household word or at least, a word in my household) is playing a character named George Michalski. That can be no accident. How odd.

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AnnieP said...

George's name was used on the show, yes. George worked with someone who works on "Lost" when he was musical director for "Nash Bridges", and the person paid tribute to him by using his name in that episode. It made Leah Garchik's column in the Chron. I don't watch "Lost", but I do know George, so I noticed the item, although I have obviously forgotten the name of who the person was who wrote George in.