Monday, February 25, 2008

My Symptoms

In case there is a doctor out there in cyber land, here is a list of my ongoing symptoms which have thus far defied diagnosis by three different ENTs, one GP, and one EI specialist:

three years
started with coughing up blood
lungs clear
blood turned out to be post nasal drip from lesions in nose
eighteen months in, intermittent bloody noses (3-4 times a week) confined to my right nostril, nothing remarkable upon looks with fiber optic scope
frequency and intensity of epistaxis increases to 2-3 times a day
further increases to include both nostrils
constant stuffy nose, always needs blowing
constant headaches - sinus pain, pain at bridge of nose and both brow bones, burning sensation in nostrils which travels to entire head - feeling as if pepper was sprinkled in my head
nose tender and sensitive to outside touch
head feels as if a vise is tightening around it
frequent sharp pain in ears, relieved only by nose blowing
pulsatile tinnitus (whooshing, heartbeat sound) in left ear
pain and pressure in upper teeth,
with both central incisors and fanning out to bicuspids and molars
pain in neck
sore throat

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