Saturday, February 02, 2008


From my friend, Sage:

I am forwarding this to everyone who I thought may want to know about or pass on this information.
The 30th Anniversary of the Longest Walk, which took place in 1978, is about to happen again on February 11, 2008. The Longest Walk 2 will begin in San Francisco and end in D. C. they will be passing through Vacaville at 4:00 PM on Feb 11th at the Lagoon Valley, Pena Adobe exit!
The walk is for the Seventh Generation: for peace, justice, the healing of Mother Earth and to protect Sacred sites across America. It is an important walk for the Environment and for the health of the people and the earth.
People will be walking from February through July across America and will need help with money, water, food and publicity-so please help to get the word out so that they may be supported during this long sacrifice and journey. There will be elders and leaders who need your help and support to make this an event that will not be missed or forgotten.
Please check out the website and pass this information to others. More information can be found at
Many Blessings, Sage

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