Saturday, February 09, 2008

5:05 AM and Here I Am

I awoke from a sound sleep about a half hour ago, feeling very stuffy. I blew my nose. Big mistake. HUGE. So now I have spent the better part of twenty minutes stemming the tide of effluence that has been gushing out of both nostrils. Damn! I went to the grocery store earlier, should have bought ice cream or popsicles or something (cold seems to really help). But alas, I did not do so, buying only vegetables, nuts and laundry soap. Two days ago, I was overcome with a need and ran up to the local liquor store where I bought one small glass bottle of coca cola and a small bag of potato chips (neither item is on my usual list). I came right home and ingested my treasures, enjoying them immensely and I noted that almost immediately, I felt better. The healing powers of coke and chips! But probably not a good idea to repeat that meal any time soon! Blow high, blow low... and all that!