Thursday, January 03, 2008


Thurs. Jan. 3rd, 7:30pm
To Beat or Not Быть
An Evening of Russian Poetry

Jack Hirschman, Alex Galper and Roman Gadzhilov

Apparently, 'Быть' means 'to be' in Russian. It also translates as 'beat'. In celebration of this most interesting of coincidences, Jack Hirschman, Alex Galper and Roman Gadzhilov present a night of Russian poetry and its English translations. Don't miss this unique event!

Tonight's reading of Russian poetry at the Beat Museum was a lot of fun. I especially enjoyed Roman Gadzhilov's performance art, both in English and in Russian. Alex Galper's poetry was great, too, and Jack Hirschman's poems, well, what can I say. I love everything he writes and he read several poems, both his own work and his translations of Mayakovsky. The selection he read from The Major Arcanes was particularly powerful. I am really upset that the picture of Jack Hirschman came out so blurry but I have included it here anyway. Top to bottom, Alex and Roman, Alex, Mark Schwartz, Jack, Bethy.

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