Sunday, January 13, 2008

Rowan Brothers at Irish Cultural Center January 12

"I Should Have Known Better"

I posted this video early this morning when I got home from the gig - mostly to see if the video feature on my digital camera worked (it did). This is just a snippet of Chris and Lorin doing the Beatles song last night at the Irish Cultural Center. Bethy, Lee, Helana and I had a blast but we couldn't find Deb anywhere (we were a little late, needed to detour through Golden Gate Park and got a weensy bit confused).

Before going to see the Rowans, we went to City Lights for the announcements of the NBCC (National Book Critics Circle) Award nominees. That was a lot of fun. Here are a couple of photos from THAT event:

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DebGrabien said...

Deb hung out until just after nine, realised that she was going to get Jamesons spilt all over her shoes, blew Chris and Lorin a kiss, and headed out into the night.

Seriously. Missed you guys by, what? Five minutes?

Grrrrr. But the guys sounded great, from what I could hear.