Sunday, December 30, 2007

Take a ride to Reading... or not

Damn! My nose (and my little dog, too) precludes me from going to Reading, PA to see the New Riders this New Year's Eve. Next year, we are hoping for NRPS and DNB in the Bay Area. Sorry Moon Alice, Barry and Pete are spoken for as of 12/31/08 (yeah, I WISH).

And here I am, in the land of wishful thinking and missing the New Riders of the Purple Sage.


Anonymous said...

Yep....I wish we were there, too. I guess it will be us and Dick Clark, as there is nothing exciting going on in Portland. The biggest talk of the town is Phil coming.......I wish it was Phil and DNB as friends! People are offering unbelievable amts. for tickets. I was tempted to sell ours, but I have never scalped a ticket ever and don't plan to now. I asked NRPS about a west coast NYs Eve show next year, too. I was told that it is very hard to get all the east coast band members out here this time of the year. But, maybe if they have a year to work on it, it could happen! We can dream. Have a Happy New Year. Hope you are feeling better soon! All the best in 2008 to all of you in Mizshely land. I wish the NRPS board was back up. I MISS the pictures! S

DebGrabien said...

We could maybe bribe them...?

Food? Something?