Friday, December 28, 2007

Nosebleed XXIII - Revenge of the Vascular System

a.k.a. The Chronicles of Nosebleedia...

Last night, my sister and I braved the weather and the masses to visit the men's store at Macy's downtown San Francisco. Our mission: exchange the jacket I bought my son for Christmas for one that actually fits him. We went to the Claiborne Dept. on the third floor so I could ask whereabouts in the store that jacket was actually located. I was overcome with that old, familiar feeling just as the clerk said to me "May I help you?" I said to him, "Just a minute, I think I need my sister to handle this" and handed her the bag containing the jacket, along with the receipt, all the while attempting to tilt my head slightly backwards (which I know is not a good thing for nosebleeds because it causes the blood to drip down the back of your throat and ultimately, into your stomach, but in this case it was preferable to the alternative: dousing the unsuspecting clerk with my bodily fluid). Vicki gave me the strangest look and then whoosh, I didn't have to explain myself at all because zing went the floodgates of my vascular system and there was blood everywhere... dripping down my sweater, my jacket, the bag I was holding, the floor, and my sister's purse. Thankfully, she took over the transaction for me while I sat down and attempted to stop the bleed with kleenex purloined from the back of the sales counter and some left over holiday wrapping tissue.

As soon as I felt better, we went to Lefty O'Doul's for sustenance and drove back to Marin. Damn I wish these bleeds would stop or at least, bedevil someone else and leave me the hell alone for awhile.

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DebGrabien said...

I wish I could do somethintg seriously useful, but right now, things are as bleak as they get and I got nothin'.

Hang in. Will bring you sustenance sometime next week. I may show up in the north bay as a sobbing wreck sometime before then, but if I do, it'll be Santa Rosa, probably.