Friday, November 02, 2007

Summer of Love Show Broadcast Information

Hi Everybody,

Channel 20 is airing a 2 hour special on our event "The Summer of Love 40th" . Sunday at 8pm on TV20. Each Cable network in the bay area has Channel 20 on a different station (that's smart of them). In Marin it is channel 13 but you will have to check your cable network to find out what station it is in your area. If someone knows the channels in each area please pass the info to everyone. Please let everyone on your email lists know, talk it up. I pasted the email address in the cc section so everyone has them. The more people that watch the better chance we have of getting the show aired nationally. We want to score a high rating.

It came out great, this special is mostly the band highlights with some of the speakers. Later we will edit a special with interviews and back stage stuff as the main focus.

We have another chance to wake people, yes the event is over but the vibes, the purpose lives on. Now the people who didn't get to go to the event will have a chance to feel the magic. All of us at 2b1 have worked hard to put it together in time - it was quite an effort. There were 15 cameras recording the event amassing over 150 rolls of video tape, that is 150 hours (three weeks) of viewing time along. Then there was editing, mixing etc. Anyway enough of the poor 2b1 stuff - it came out great

What are our plans: To get the event aired nationally. This 2 hour special is the first part then in
December we will release the special in a 2 DVD/CD set. Then in Feb we plan to release all of the bands' sets along with interviews which will be 4/5 DVD/CD's (the collectors edition). At the same time we are hitting TV syndication in hopes of being picked up nationally. There is also interest in Europe and Japan. We also sent the show to A&E (keep your fingers crossed).

Now what do we do? We take the magic that happened in San Francisco and give it to the masses, let them see how you can have an event with 100,000 people and no trouble, how people can work together in the spirit of unity. The spirit of the 60's is not dead - the principles live on. We get to take it to the masses.

Love you guys, Boots-2b1

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Anonymous said...

It is a small world....from SF to Portland. Our good friend Gary Ewing (light show and poster artist), died three times in mid September. He called me, not feeling well. As with most men, Gary does not like to admit it when he is, I know when he calls for advice it is the real thing. I insisted that he not wait to be seen, considering the excruciating pain he was in. Thank God he got to the hospital just in time (passing out in admitting) and was rushed in to surgery with a ruptered anuerysm....he is home now, and making a remarkable recovery. Gary had a small gathering at his house last night to celebrate, and has proclaimed to me recently "this is the best I have felt since I died"....that's Gary! My point for all this talking is that when we walked in to his house last night someone had brought the entire SOL show on tape for Gary to watch. I can't rememeber his name because I only saw him and a couple of his friends for a few minutes before they had to catch a flight back to SF (he was backstage at SOL with "Crowbar"). Chet Helm stories were shared. What a remarkable event you all pulled off. The healing power of music, a wonderful thing. I can't wait to get this on DVD. Sheree