Monday, November 26, 2007

Saturday Night at the Mystic

This is one of those publicly personal messages. You know the ones. Deliberately posted in a public place as "personal" to so-and-so to let the entire world in on the conversation.

I don't know who you are. Nor do I care. You were at the Mystic Theatre to see the New Riders of the Purple Sage on Saturday night. You wore a red baseball hat. You came down to the front of the stage and tried to push me out of the way. When that didn't work, you hit me. I asked you to please stop and you responded by bumping me with your hips. You were a complete asshole. Luckily, two people who were behind us saw it (one of them was Lee from Humboldt) and removed you. Later, you had the nerve to come backstage (uninvited and unwanted, may I add) to ask David Nelson to sign your DVD, which he did. My point in saying this to you is, dude, get it together. Sure, you have a right to be there. You have a right to enjoy the show. You do not have the right to push or hit anyone else. In this case, you had the great misfortune to run into me and I am taking this public. I know who you are, I have seen what you can do, and if you show up again and repeat this behavior I will not hesitate to have you ejected from the place. To be fair, once you were informed of your behavior, you did apologize (at the insistence of Bethy) and I accepted it.

I love all the New Riders and Nelson Band fans dearly. As far as I can tell, you are not one of the regulars. We would love to welcome you into our ever expanding circle of friends. But only if you are cool.


DebGrabien said...

I only caught the tail end of it (Lee was in front of me), but I actually thought the bloke in the red cap was someone you knew, only because it would never have occurred to me that anyone could have been that obnoxiously physical toward someone they *didn't* know.

cassandee/julie said...

HI Mizsheley! hey i was sure happy to run into you at the two bay area NRPS shows. I had a blast both nights, but also had some modearately disturbing experiences with people who got aggreassively physical with me in my personal space. Neither of the incidents i was involved in were negative per se, but i ws being sorta "man-handled" and was not really sure how to put an end to it without becoming the major buzz-kill. Strange i was right there but did not see what happened to you at the mystic, but did you check out the woman hanging on me at the end of the show that night? What up with that??? lol! And at GAMH on Wednesday, a similar situation suddenly erupted when i accepted a pipeload from a stranger who suddenly appeared to be in love with me! It got pretty awkward, and i left quickly after the show to end the madness... Seems to me that people are not much respecting other peoples space latly. It might not always be happening in the negative aggressive way it happened toward you, but is awkward and uncomfortable none the less. Love to see you always Mizshely! Lets do it again real soon!