Thursday, November 01, 2007

Halloween in North Beachia

Last night was first-ever for me - Halloween in North Beach. OK, maybe not a first, my first two Halloweens were actually spent Trick-or-Treating in North Beach because that is where we lived. But this was certainly a first as a cognizant adult (or maybe, semi-cognizant adult would be more apropos). Bethy, Koukla (yes, I brought the dog) and I met up with Kelly "Cellophane Flowers" for a drink at Vesuvio's. We never did see Sharla or Tom but we kept an eye out for some time. While we were sitting there downing Irish Coffee and Blood Marys (and oh, does Vesuvio make the BEST bloody marys) Mark Schwartz walked by so we flagged him down and he joined us for a couple of drinks. We left Vesuvio's and went into City Lights (dog and all) and Mark read some poetry to us in the upstairs poetry room (they seem to have sold out of his book so he read some Leonard Cohen and I forget who all else, probably Neruda). Unfortunately, the alcohol in all of us gave us the giggles and we were a little rowdy up there. Nobody bothered us, though. Later, we moved the party across the street to Tosca for more drinks and this time, Koukla got to have a drink with us as well.

Oh, and while we were in Vesuvio's, John Perino stopped by and gave us some handbills for an upcoming event at Live Worms which just happens to feature a group of wonderful people. See my next post. It is unfortunately scheduled right in the middle of the New Riders' west coast tour but actually, it is the same day as the Crystal Bay show so how fortuitous for me since I really don't need to go to Tahoe!

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