Sunday, October 07, 2007

Return of SoCal Al!!!

Imagine my surprise when the phone rang on Thursday and a voice from the past said, "Hey Michelle, it's Alan Margeson..." Whoa! It HAS been a long time. Alan worked with the Nelson Band for years and then suddenly dropped off the radar; he explained why in his phone call.

Two years ago, Alan was in a very bad automobile accident - his little Karman Ghia was rear ended by a truck, demolishing the vehicle and landing Al in the hospital for some time. Since then, his health and life have gone downhill but he is finally on the mend. Alan is presently not well enough to work and he wanted me to pass along this information - he has a lot of Nelson related items he would like to sell (signed posters, dat tapes, photos, etc.) to help offset the basic costs of living. If anyone is interested, please email me (Alan does not have email at this time) and I will let you know how to contact Alan directly.

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