Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Day After The Night Before

I guess you all know what THAT usually means, at least, in some circles. Last night, a group of my friends got together for a wonderful not quite a surprise birthday dinner at Rose Pistola on Columbus Avenue in North Beach. Everything was wonderful from the before dinner drinks to the appetizers to the salads to the main courses. I had a salad of persimmons, roasted hazelnuts and greens (and now I cannot remember what the greens were but they were very, very tasty) followed by penne pasta with sauce veal bolognese. People around me had roasted chicken, which looked to die for good, pizza, risotto, you name it. Two bottles of champagne with dinner (on the house, do you believe it?) made everything absolutely perfect. We finished dinner with cappuccino and a ganache made by Deborah Grabien. Needless to say, I waddled out of the restaurant thinking "why did I keep eating..." Oh yeah, because it was so GOOD!

Thanks so much, Deb, Nic, Bethy, Judy and Pat. Your company is always a pleasure!

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DebGrabien said...

I believe the greens in your salad were fresh 'cress. Alas, there was walnut oil drizzled over it. No tasting for me.