Saturday, October 06, 2007

Almost a Couple, Almost a Poem

"The Proposal"

So there’s this couple

Okay – maybe not a couple

They say they are good friends

Because they cannot admit anything else (that would be too heavy)

One night they have sex

And he thinks he says, “Will you marry me?”

But what he really says, is, “I have big plans for you and me when you get your head together.”

And she thinks he says, “Lady, you are really fucked up.”

So she gets out of the bed

Puts on her red high heels and a smile

And leaves.

Thirty years later,

They meet at a party

And drink two $300 bottles of Cristalle

And there is no-one else in the room (but there really is)

And they leave together

And he says to her

“Why didn’t you say yes when I asked you to marry me?”

And this time she gets it and she says, “Because you never asked”

And he goes on to explain the when and where of it all

And she says, “Well, if I had understood, I would have said yes”

And so

They have sex

And once again

Are almost a couple.


Anonymous said...

So, do you think that will be the end of the story? Or does the story ever end?....... It sounds like the couple are meant to be together. I would hope that they don't waste any more time. Sheree

Mizshely said...

Speaking on behalf of the hypothetical couple in the not quite a poem, all I can do is quote David Nelson:

But the story doesn't end here
If it ever does at all
Just a letter to the sender
Hand writing on the wall

Take a ride by the hillside
Take a wander by the shore
Hear the sound even louder
Than the oceans' mighty roar