Monday, August 06, 2007

Return of the Nosebleed and Other Tales From the Dark Side

Will it never stop? Some of the medical tests are back. Thank God, I tested negative for Lyme Disease (which I thought was a waste of time and money since it was so far out of the realm of possibility as to be laughable). My cholesterol was a little high, especially for me, at total 202 (used to hold steady at 175) but that actually could have been because during the week prior to the test, I had several helpings of quiche lorraine made with eggs and cream and butter. We'll see how it is on the next go round, but truthfully, that does not worry me nearly as much as the nosebleeds and constant sinus infections. I am truly wondering, at this point, how many crazed murderers were actually just sinus sufferers who could no longer take it?

The good news is that the air conditioner seems to really help. Funny, since it does dry the air out (especially because it is connected to a central dehumidifier) and dry air is supposed to make your nasal passages crack and bleed. Not so much with me: I think I am more sensitive to mold and the drier air helps to alleviate that. Lord knows, Kentfield is infamous for precipitation (although that does not really explain why my lawn is always dry and dead, even the day after I water).

Meanwhile, last night's TV watching was a total bust. I ended up watching Tony Bennett on PBS, at least, for as long as I could stand it. The duet with Tony and Paul McCartney was nice - they sang a Cole Porter song but now, I cannot remember which one it was. After that, I flipped over to another PBS station to watch a show about Broadway hosted by Julie Andrews (which I had seen before but I love her AND Broadway so much it was worth seeing again). That second show included a short clip of Jesse L. Martin from Rent and then I remembered I loaned the DVD of the film to the New Riders to watch on the bus and never got it back. And speaking of musicals (rather disjointed segue, huh?) I can hardly wait to see Johnny Depp in Sweeney Todd this Christmas (a poster from the film is on this blog a few entries back) although I think a musical about murder and cannibalism is hardly holiday fare (meat pies, anyone?) - still, Johnny Depp, oh man... those cheekbones!

Earlier yesterday afternoon, I watched "Color Me Kubrick" with a friend. I didn't think it was as thrilling the second time around as I did when Annie and I first saw it in the theatre several months ago, but it is still entertaining and worth seeing at least once. I guess it is one of those films that you only need to view once (generally, when I like a film, I can watch it over and over without ever getting tired of it).

And finally, number one (and only) son has left the building. Boo hoo. Brian went back to San Diego on Saturday, leaving me all alone in the house once again (at least, until this afternoon when my sister flies in from L.A. for a few days). Speaking of sisters flying in (she is actually using a plane this time instead of her usual broom - whoops, did I say that?) I need to go get the spare room ready for her.

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