Thursday, August 09, 2007

Bad Rodgers and Hammerstein, Bad!

I just went over to my other blog to play some videos from Broadway and the videos of the CAROUSEL 1996/1997 tour are now gone off of You Tube so my links do not work. Damn! Probably the R&H organization. Shame, shame shame.

Sometimes, you wake up early in the morning and just want to hear Patrick Wilson sing "If I Loved You." Off to play the CDs, I guess. Luckily for me, there is power to the important aspects of this house (did I mention that my sister and I blew the power the other day and no amount of breaker throwing seems to bring it back. Someone was supposed to come help yesterday but I never heard back and he never showed).


DebGrabien said...

Shall I nudge my husband in the morning, and see if he can be useful in the whole possible power restoration thing?

Mizshely said...

Please do. And as I said on the phone, we can do a nice meal since I at least have power to the kitchen. Sounds like a song by John Lennon, doesn't it?
"power to the kitchen right on..."

DebGrabien said...

""power to the kitchen right on...""

BWAH! "A working-class kitchen is something to beeeeeeeeeee...."

Have nudged husband, who will come along tomorrow and see what he can do about any of this. Handy man.